The cars we own often play a big part in our lives, and that's the story Nissan Philippines found when they spoke to 39-year-old JP Artificio; a proud owner of Nissan California.

This Nissan California played a big role in a Filipino’s life image

The California is the wagon version of the Sentra/Sunny, and was introduced in the Philippines when Nissan launched the B12 generation.

According to JP, the California was originally owned by his father who bought it back in 1992.  However, it was just sitting in storage when he first chanced upon it in 2002; he was only 21 then. Despite being left unused, the car was still in good condition apart from the engine that needed to be replaced. He quickly fell in love with it and decided to have it fixed up.

“There was something about it that was calling me to fix it up, to make it look good. The car was still in good condition; everything was well taken care of except the engine, and yet my dad wasn’t really paying attention to it anymore. In a way, the car chose me. It was just waiting there for me to take care of. It was like it was calling to me,” JP says.

This Nissan California played a big role in a Filipino’s life image

While restoring the California, JP took it to himself to make the car into a very personal expression of his identity. From the interior to the paint and wheel choices, he says that all touches helped make it unique and distinctly his own.

The car also opened doors to people as passionate about Nissan and cars as he was. He was even invited to join NissanBayan, the country’s first Nissan club. The club opened his eyes to a new social calendar. Nowadays, when quarantining rules allow, he drives his California to car-themed events and makes new friends.

This Nissan California played a big role in a Filipino’s life image

“What started out as the comfortable ride that my dad would drive me in has become something that has moved my life completely,” he adds.

Despite the introduction of newer cars on the market, JP has no plans on parting ways with his Nissan California. From proposing to his wife to taking her to the hospital when she was in labor with their firstborn, he did it all in this California. Soon, they’ll be creating more memories with the '90s wagon.

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