The current generation D23 Nissan Navara is a unique contender in the pick-up truck segment. Trading overall load capacity for improved ride quality with its rear independent suspension, people are quick to draw the conclusion that Nissan’s pickup offering isn’t as capable as its contemporaries. Considering what other countries are doing with them however, it looks like the Navara can be pretty functional with the right kit.

This Nissan Frontier Sentinel will save your life 

Take for example the Nissan Frontier Sentinel Concept from the folks at Nissan Brazil. Supposedly built to be used for various rescue missions around the country, this particular Navara is fitted with various tools beneath its cargo tray.


The bed features a set of drawers to store gloves, flashlights, helmets, ropes, axes, toolboxes and other equipment, but the Frontier Sentinel’s party trick is its ability to provide auxiliary power by using a pair of Nissan Leaf battery packs.

This Nissan Frontier Sentinel will save your life 

As for its exterior, the Sentinel’s Thunder-Blue color scheme is inspired by the Brazilian hyacinth macaw, a parrot native to central and eastern South America. A reinforced rollbar stretches across the sides of the cargo bed and houses more storage for equipment as well as two power outlets.

The bed cover also has a small helipad scheme to act as a take off and landing area for drones. Up front its prominent piece is a rather streamlined snorkel that can ensure the Sentinel can traverse floods or shallow bodies of water.  Inside, the truck has an Electric-Yellow dashboard and central console. Inspired by electric circuits, it's the same shade of yellow as on the seat trim and stitches.

This Nissan Frontier Sentinel will save your life

So, do you think the Navara can be an effective off-road platform?