Let's face it: electric vehicles are mostly relegated to a primary duty as personal transport within a city, or just to the suburbs. It's understandable; their range is limited by the availability of charging stations.

That doesn't seem to be the case for this Nissan Leaf electric vehicle driven by Marek Kaminski: he just took it from Poland and through most of Russia, into Mongolia and China, and continued on to South Korea and into Japan (presumably via a ferry or other craft).

Nissan Leaf completes 16,000 km cross-continent journey 

The drive is indeed daunting, and the Leaf itself clocked some 16,000 kilometers on the odometer, and over some extreme and tricky conditions. The drive itself took 60 days. 

Kaminski, apparently, is no stranger to expeditions of the sort. He is known amongst the explorer community as the only person to have trekked to both the North Pole and the South Pole in the same year.

"For me, this journey is not just about reaching my destination; it is also about making a simple, brilliant change to be more sustainable," commented Marek. "Whether in the wilds of Russia, on remote Mongolian dirt tracks or in the bustling streets of Tokyo, the Leaf has been a reliable partner throughout."

The drive, however, is not over for this example of the world's best selling electric vehicle: Marek Kaminski and Nissan plan to drive the same Leaf EV back to Poland, all with zero tailpipe emissions. As to what route they will take, we're quite sure Nissan will let us know... after 60 or so days.