This Pirelli Bluetooth speaker will deliver sweet tire music

This Pirelli Bluetooth speaker will deliver sweet tire music image

Marcus De Guzman / Pirelli Design | July 27, 2018 11:41

Pirelli Design reveals Formula 1-inspired Pirelli P Zero Speaker

Thinking of getting new Bluetooth speaker soon? How about getting one that resembles a Formula 1 tire?

Say hello to the Pirelli Design P Zero Speaker. Made possible with Italian-based car audio specialist Ixoost, the P Zero Speaker is a motorsport-inspired speaker that features a hi-fi Bluetooth speaker housed within a 13-inch replica Wind Tunnel Tire made by Pirelli.

Pirelli Bluetooth speaker

The system is comprised of a 100-watt digital signal processor that is connected to a 100-millimeter midwoofer and 25-millimeter tweeter. It also has the most advanced 4.0 Bluetooth with APTX technology. This allows the speaker to connect with almost every smartphone and other compatible devices. The company also said that it enhances the audio signal in wireless mode to ensure the best possible playback.

Pirelli Bluetooth speaker

The Pirelli P Zero will be available in a variety of colors which reflects the type of tire compounds used in Formula 1 racing. For example, orange pertains to the superhard compound while pink means the tire is a hypersoft compound.

Pirelli Bluetooth speaker

As much as this may look and sound nice, it's not exactly cheap. Are you willing to shell out EUR 2,400 (nearly Php 150,000) for this Formula 1-inspired Bluetooth speaker?