Have you always wanted to have a drop-top A90 Supra? Well, bad news as that body style is only available for its German cousin, the BMW Z4. That means the Toyota Supra is stuck as a two-door hardtop...or is it?

Recently, renowned digital artist 'Jonsibal' released a rendering of a Supra without a roof. While that may sound cliché', he was able to transform what is originally a coupe into something better, a speedster.

Looking at the open-roof Supra, Jonsibal was able to slice off most of the top. The windshield also appears to be more rakish in order to deliver better airflow. Not only that, he was also able to incorporate a cool front splitter, and a pair of sideskirts that further enhances the speedster's overall looks. Finally, the topless Supra rolls on huge BMW alloy wheels derived from the E28 5 Series.

Will we actually see a convertible version of the all-new Supra? With Toyota's lineup currently lacking a convertible offering at the moment, the case for a topless Supra hitting the road is very slim. However, Lexus did reveal the all-new LC 500 Convertible at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, showing that there is still a niche for open-top vehicles under the Toyota brand.

But some might argue that the BMW Z4 is already the convertible version of the Supra. Should there be enough clamor for a drop-top Supra from customers however, perhaps Toyota may actually make one. Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer behind the Supra, has actually thought about making one.

If ever Toyota does plan to build one, maybe they could get some inspiration not just from the Z4, but from Jonsibal's render too. Let's hope there will indeed be one in the future.