Electric propulsion seems to be the way forward when it comes to the future of cars, SUVs, as well as trucks. Besides being more environmentally-friendly, electric cars emit no carbon emissions, and offer loads of torque from the get-go.

But will electrification catch up to classic restorations or restomods? Chevrolet appears to think so. To show just how electricity might become the power source of rides from yesteryear, the bow-tie brand recently unveiled the E-10 Connect & Cruise Concept at the 2019 SEMA Show.

Chevrolet E-10 image

Based off a 1962 C-10 pickup truck , it may look like your typical classic restoration or modified restomod. But underneath its metal skin is an all-electric powertrain sourced from a Chevrolet Bolt EV. That's right, there's no V8 under the hood of this old school pickup truck. Instead it has a two electric motors (dubbed eCrate) that are powered by two 60 kWh battery packs placed on the bed. Power is then fed to the rear wheels via a modified automatic transmission.

According to the automaker, it has an estimated 450 horsepower which allows it to sprint from 0 – 97 km/h in as little as 5 seconds. In addition, Chevy claimed the E-10 can hit the quarter mile at around 13 seconds; not bad for an all-electric pickup truck.

Chevrolet E-10 image

“General Motors has the in-house talent required to create a concept like the E-10. With the innovative thinking and expertise our performance team, electrification team and many others at GM bring, this project went from concept to running vehicle in 18 weeks to demonstrate what the future of an eCrate propulsion system and hot rodding could look like,” said Jim Campbell, vice president of Performance and Motorsports at Chevrolet.

But what if you still want to hear the howling sound of a V8 despite not having eight-cylinders under the hood. Not to worry as Chevrolet installed a sound emulator inside the E-10 concept. It has five different sound modes like LS7 Z28 track tuning, LS7 Z28 touring, as well as a standard V8 engine. The other two modes are 'futuristic sound' and silent.

Chevrolet E-10 image

As countries around the world clamp down on carbon emissions, perhaps Chevy is on to something here with the E-10 Concept. With old-school V8s not exactly being the cleanest of engines when it comes to emissions, maybe these eCrates by Chevrolet may power classic vehicles in the future. Other manufacturers like Volkswagen and even Aston Martin have already started offering conversion kits for some of their classic vehicles.

But with Chevrolet still in the development stage, it might take a few more years before it becomes more prominent not just in the US, but perhaps around the world as well.