The flat-six from Porsche is perhaps one of the most revered engines in automobile history. Used by Porsche since 1963 in the iconic 911 sports car, the flat-six has gone from air-cooled to liquid-cooled, went from naturally-aspirated to having twin-turbos on the Turbo models, and its displacement has increased from 2.0-liters to 3.8-liters on the current models.

But with Porsche 911s not exactly being affordable vehicles, you'd have to spend a pretty penny to get one for yourself. But perhaps this scale model of its engine will suffice for the time being. What you're seeing here is a 1:4 "working" scale model of a 1966 Porsche 911 flat-six engine. We're not kidding, this kit comes with all of the parts you'd find on an old-school 2.0-liter flat-six.

Is this scale model flat-six the perfect gift for 911 fanatics? image

All of the moving parts can be assembled easily with a guide, and you won't be needing glue to connect each one as the precision parts can be screwed together. It also has camshafts that can be activated via a motorized belt, red LEDs that simulate the spark plugs firing in the correct order, a working distributor, a spinning cooling fan, and even an electronic sound module with a genuine boxer engine sound. What's more is that it has a transparent casing, meaning you can easily see just how the engine is operating when it's on.

Besides the engine itself, the kit also comes with detailed literature that provides plenty of information and factoids regarding Porsche and the 911 itself. Porsche fanatics will also be happy to know that an extended collector's manual is available and was written and produced by The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Is this scale model flat-six the perfect gift for 911 fanatics? image

Interested in getting one to build yourself? The kit costs $179.00 at Pelican Parts and that doesn't include shipping fees yet. Be warned that this scale model flat-six engine has 290 parts so it will be quite the build. Oh, and you'll need 3 AA batteries to actually get it working after you're done building it.

Christmas may be four months away, but in case you want to treat yourself (or a fellow Porsche fanatic) to a lovely gift for the holidays, maybe this 1966 Porsche 911 flat-six engine kit will be able to do just that.