With the release of the new A90 Toyota GR Supra, perhaps the biggest gripe of Supra fans across the globe (apart from its shared manufacturing with BMW) is the fact that it will never come out with a manual transmission option.

Despite most fans hoping that the GR Supra will eventually come with a stick, Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada has been adamant with their decision to stick to the ZF eight-speed automatic that the car was originally designed with. That means then that we won’t be seeing an official GR Supra with a manual transmission anytime soon.

A Texas shop can fit your new GR Supra with a manual gearbox image

From the looks of it though, the aftermarket won’t take this issue sitting down. A shop from Texas in particular is currently working on a full manual transmission swap for the A90 GR Supra – and it doesn’t look cheap.

European Auto Group, a shop infamously known for creating the only manual Ferrari 430 Scuderia in existence, is asking $12,000 USD to give the Supra a stick and a third pedal. According to Carbuzz, the shop is set on using all-OEM BMW parts to pull off the swap, much like they did with using all Ferrari parts for the 430 Scuderia.

Considering the price tag for the swap and their penchant for sticking with the family, we can speculate that we won’t be finding a Tremec T56 from the Corvette as the base this swap. We can however single out the Getrag six-speed manual transmission from the only other high performance BMW with the 3.0-liter twin-turbo B58: The BMW M2.

A Texas shop can fit your new GR Supra with a manual gearbox image

With these newer motors and gearboxes, surely there will be a lot of software issues that need to be addressed with mating the engine to the transmission apart from fabrication. Making all this work seamlessly and as OEM as possible is perhaps where a large sum of the $12k pricetag will go.

So, do you think an additional $12,000 is worth the experience of having a manual in the new Supra?