When we think of an armored vehicle, the first things that come to mind are massive SUVs. We usually think of something like a Toyota Land Cruiser or Chevrolet Suburban. Sedans aren't exactly top of mind for armoring.

But the folks at Inkas Armored decided to apply their armoring know-how to the Toyota Camry. While the Camry has a reputation for bulletproof reliability, Inkas took it a step further.

This subtle-looking Toyota Camry is a bomb-resistant beast image

On the outside, it looks like a standard Camry V, but that's the point of these bulletproof vehicles. You want it to look like it came from the showroom and not attract attention. Inkas says it's ideal for those looking for a low-profile daily driver with loads of protection. But beneath the subtle and elegant surface is BR6 levels of armoring.

This executive sedan boasts thick plating surrounding the passenger area, along with extra protection around the door openings. The Camry's battery and ECU are also shielded by armor to keep the car running in case of an ambush. The whole car gets layers of bullet-resistant glass to protect the occupants. It also comes standard with reinforced door hinges, run-flat tires, and reinforced suspension.

This subtle-looking Toyota Camry is a bomb-resistant beast image

According to the company, their armored Camry can ride out 7.62 mm rounds like the ones used in high-powered assault rifles. Not only that, Inkas claims it can withstand an explosion from two hand grenades. So not only is this Camry bulletproof, but it's also bomb-resistant.

You can even tick a few things from the options list. The Inkas Camry can be fitted with emergency lights and sirens, along with a PA system. An option worth getting is the heavy-duty braking system and wheels. There's even a fire suppression system for good measure.

This subtle-looking Toyota Camry is a bomb-resistant beast image

All the additional equipment and armoring add a ton of weight to the Camry. That is why it doesn't use the standard 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine. Instead, it packs a 3.5-liter V6 seen in the North American model. That engine puts out 301 PS and 362 Nm of torque and sends that to the front wheels with an eight-speed automatic transmission. While those numbers look strong, don't expect it to beat similarly-powered cars off the line. Still, it's better than using that 2.5-liter engine to lug around three tons of steel, glass, and kevlar. Don't expect stellar fuel economy, either.

The price? You'll have to inquire straight to Inkas to find out. That said, we doubt it will be close to the standard Camry that rolls off the showroom at PHP 1,886,000 (2.5 G). Then again, if we're talking about protecting lives, you can't put a price on that.