It was only last year when the Land Transportation Office (LTO) said that electric vehicles could not be registered in the country.

Since then, the Philippines has began further developing the EV infrastructure with more charging stations to name a few. In fact, we even hosted to the first 1st ASEAN Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Summit. Now, it seems like the LTO has managed to update their services as this specific Tesla Model S appears to already have received its license plates.

This Tesla Model S shows that an EV can somehow be registered in PH

This Tesla Model S was seen parked along the road in Quezon City. What made it stand out was the fact that it was registered and even had license plates already – even beating out non-EV vehicle owners. During previous sightings of other Tesla models and EVs on the road, they merely had a "plate" (similar to conduction plates) bearing the word “Registered”.

As of writing, the LTO has yet to make any official announcement regarding the registration of electric vehicles in the country. Checking the LTO website, there is also no information as to how one will register an electric vehicle. It only states how to register 'locally manufactured/assembled electric vehices', which explains why the E-Jeeps can be registered and already have plates.

With the TRAIN law now in act, it gives manufacturers and importers tax incentives for hybrid and electric vehicles. With this Tesla Model S already having plates, it could be a sign that pure EVs will soon be making its rounds in the country.