Behind every great racing driver is an equally skilled support crew, and so Toyota has decided to upgrade the Asia Cross Country rally team's support vehicle with an all-new Hiace.

It's not your run-of-the-mill Hiace though. In fact, it's officially called the Commuter Rally Support Vehicle Concept by TRD, and it is currently on display at the 2019 Bangkok Auto Salon.

This Toyota Hiace is TRD

Based on the fifth-generation Hiace, the Commuter Rally Support Vehicle Concept features a host of upgrades over the standard model both inside and out. The most obvious change made by TRD include the new wheels and chunky off-road tires, allowing it to go through the same path as their Hilux and Fortuner rally cars would. There are also rally mudflaps together with black over fenders to give the big van a more rugged look. At the rear, there is a ladder that allows people to access the TRD roof basket. To complete the support vehicle look, the Hiace is dressed up in TRD livery complete with sponsorship stickers you'd find on their rally vehicles.

While the interior isn't clearly shown in the photos, we can see from the photo with the sliding door open that there are compartments built inside the cabin. The special compartments would then allow the crew to easily store their things as well as tools and other equipment needed for the race.

This Toyota Hiace is TRD

It wasn't mentioned whether modifications were made to the TRD Hiace's powertrain. Expect it to be powered by the same 2.8-liter turbo-diesel unit found in the standard Hiace.

At the moment, it is uncertain whether TRD will build a 'street' version of the Commuter Rally Support Vehicle Concept. Do expect it to be a one-off model built simply for the Asia Cross Country Rally. Still, there nothing stopping you guys from building one yourself.