Toyota wants to help deliver vaccines all over the world

Vaccines have started to be rolled out to fight against the coronavirus. The problem now is getting it to the people who need it. Like any other vaccine, these also need to be stored at low temperatures. If not stored at the proper temperatures, these can be spoiled, making them ineffective. With that, they are especially vulnerable during transport, especially in remote parts of the world.

Toyota wants to prevent that from happening. To do so, the Japanese automaker built a specialized vehicle for that purpose. Best of all, it can go anywhere and everywhere since it is based on the 70-Series Land Cruiser platform. So no matter where the destination is, the vaccines will arrive without spoilage.

The Japanese automaker worked with Toyota Tsusho Corporation and B Medical Systems to create the vaccine-carrying Land Cruiser. Specifically, it’s based on the LC78-series body featuring a 2-door hardtop model with plenty of room at the back. The rugged and tested workhouse has been around for years, making it perfect for humanitarian duties such as these.

Toyota developed this LC70 Land Cruiser to deliver vaccines image

Inside the modified LC78 sits a B Medical Systems CF850 vaccine refrigerator. The refrigerator can carry up to 400 vaccines in its 396-liters of storage capacity. It runs on an independent battery supply capable of 16-hours of operation and can be charged while driving or from an external power source when parked.

The special vaccine carrying Land Cruiser also meets the pre-qualification for the World Health Organization’s Performance, Quality, and Safety standards. That means it’s eligible for procurement by any agency, NGO, or government that requires such a standard. Being a Land Cruiser, it can also get to almost any location on the planet.

Toyota says that around 20% of vaccines supplied to developing countries are spoiled due to a lack of continuous refrigeration. Combined with the lack of road infrastructure, it takes longer before a sizeable amount of the population is vaccinated. With the vaccine-carrying Land Cruiser, Toyota hopes it can speed up the process.