New Guinness World Record for hydrogen fuel economy set by Toyota Mirai

Toyota just set a new record, and it's not for top speed or lap times around a famous race track somewhere in the world. Instead, the Japanese auto giant recently set a Guinness World Record for fuel economy... on hydrogen.

A Toyota Mirai had just been able to do a total of 1,360 kilometers (845 miles) on a single tank of H; a range that far exceeds what most electric vehicles can do on a single charge too. The Mirai was filled up in about 5 minutes and was driven around Southern California to set the record. The official record attempt was closely monitored by Guinness World Records, adhering to its strict rules and documentation procedures.

Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai drove 1360km without refueling image

Behind the wheel of the record-setting Mirai is Wayne Gerdes with Bob Winger as his co-pilot. The duo is known for setting fuel economy records in the US. What's more impressive about the run is that they didn't drive on freeways and interstates during the early hours of the morning. Instead, the pair also passed through morning and afternoon rush hour traffic on the San Diego freeway. They also drove through the Pacific Coast Highway for good measure.

After two days of calculated driving, the Mirai ran out of hydrogen, totaling up to 1,360 km (845 miles) in mileage. The mileage was also confirmed by the Guinness World Record. According to Toyota, The total consumption was 5.65 kilograms of hydrogen and 152 MPGe with water as its only emission.

Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai drove 1360km without refueling image

Toyota wants to prove that hydrogen power is as good as electric, and the automaker is quite insistent on it. They've even been testing a hydrogen-powered Corolla in several endurance races in Japan. But with this new record, would it be enough to convince people to go for hydrogen power instead of electric?

It's still uncertain for now but it does show hydrogen fuel cell owners won't have to worry about range, considering how far it can drive on a single tank.