Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and Thrustmaster decided it was only fitting to make a special tribute to the 'Prancing Horse' brand. Introducing the Ferrari 250 GTO wheel.

Officially licensed by Ferrari, it is slightly larger than typical Thrustmaster wheels as it measures 33 cm in diameter. With a wood-style rim design, chrome center logo plate and distinct Ferrari logo placed on the center, the new gaming wheel harks back to the golden era of GT cars. In addition, the new gaming wheel was also released as part of a recent DLC pack for Assetto Corsa which so happens to have the 250 GTO in stock.

Thrustmaster goes old school with Ferrari 250 GTO replica wheel

The new gaming wheel is exclusively available only to the PC and is compatible with other T-Series racing wheels; TS-PC Racer, TS-XW Racer, T-GT, T500 RS, T300 series and the TX. Since the 250 GTO itself was a limited-run model (only 36 were built between 1962 and 1964), Thrustmaster will only produce the 250 GTO gaming wheel in limited numbers.

It will be available come December 20, 2017 for a cool EUR 349.99 (Php 20,995).