Lexus debuts the LF-Sh and the LF-A concept cars at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show. With its "pursuit of perfection" philosophy, Lexus strives to provide the highest-quality products with an unparalleled purchasing and after-sales service experience.

Lexus is also aiming to become the new global premium brand for the 21st century through continued, passionate efforts in all aspects of development, production and sales, making every moment for its customers filled with exhilaration and comfort.


The LF-Sh is a premium sedan with a new hybrid system especially developed for front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layouts and aimed at achieving new levels of superior environmental and driving performance befitting a luxury vehicle. It is powered by a 3.5-liter, V6 gasoline engine fitted with a new D-4S fuel injection system coupled with a high-output electric motor, with the hopes of attaining fuel economy equivalent to a naturally aspirated two-liter gasoline engine and the output of a 4.5-liter gasoline engine, with the help of powertrain components commonly found in premium vehicles.

The LF-Sh uses cutting-edge technology, such as VDIM, which stabilizes the vehicle's movement, and a Pre-crash Safety System that reacts in accordance with the direction of the driver's face. It incorporates an electronically controlled, six-speed automatic transmission relays the power in this rear-drive vehicle. Its dimensions are 4,825 mm (length) by 1,820 mm (width) by 1,430 mm (height) and can comfortably accommodate five adults.

The LF-A

The LF-A is a premium, two-seater sports car designed to open the doors to Lexus' world of passionate driving. Its design is based on the "L-finesse" concept, aiming to be the embodiment of a high performance coupe. The engine bay is fitted with a newly developed, high-output V10 engine that takes driving into a different dimension. Its overall dimensions are 4,400 mm (length) by 1,860 mm (width) by 1,220 mm (height) and can accommodate two adults.