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Tokyo 2011: Mitsubishi Mirage makes global debut


Back in the B-segment

Recently, the Mitsubishi brand has been quiet when compared to its rivals. Apparently, they've been saving their momentum for the Tokyo Motor Show, as the Japanese automaker has revealed a range of new concept cars, engine technologies, and electric vehicles. One car stands out, however, as it could potentially be a very important model in the ASEAN region: the new Mirage.

The Mirage signals Mitsu's re-entry into the subcompact market which, in recent years, has become highly competitive.

The new car focuses on maximizing its compact dimensions, affordability and high fuel efficiency to satisfy the needs of the entry level market. In addition, the Mirage features good maneuverability and easy drivability inherent to a compact car while also providing a comfortable interior space for five adults.


Mitsubishi, in particular, has targeted the highest fuel efficiency in its class (for the JDM version) of 30 kilometers per liter, along with low CO2 emissions, by fitting the Mirage with improvements to the engines, transmission, brakes, tires, as well as engineering the car to be lighter and more aerodynamic.

The new Mirage is slated to go on sale in Thailand (where it will most likely, if not certainly, be manufactured) in March 2012.

Will the new Mirage make it to the Philippines? Well, we'll find out soon enough, as Mitsubishi will have to manufacture LHD versions for the Philippines.

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