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Tokyo 2013 Preview: Suzuki lines up 5 new concepts


Concepts based on Suzuki slogan Small Cars for a Big Future

Suzuki will line up 5 new concepts during the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show from November 23 to December 1, 2013. These concepts are based on the Suzuki slogan ‘Small Cars for a Big Future,’ which the brand believes  are currently in demand, and should be available in the future. Suzuki’s five concepts that will be the exhibit highlight are the following:

Suzuki Crosshiker (pictured above)


The Crosshiker is a compact crossover that weights only 810 kg. It is powered by a 1-liter 3-cylinder engine with an aim to achieve balance between power and environmental performance.


The X-LANDER is based on the Jimny, and is meant to be a world-class compact 4wd vehicle. It will have a 1.3 liter engine paired with a new automatically controlled manual transmission.


The HUSTLER is a hybrid of a crossover mixed with a minicar. It is meant for people with an active lifestyle, and those who enjoy nature, outdoors, and sports.

Suzuki HUSTLER Coupe

The HUSTLER Coupe adds further design variation to the bigger HUSTLER.

Suzuki iV-4

The iV-4 is a compact SUV modeled after the Jimny, Gran Vitara, and similar compact SUVs. It is equipped with the ALLGRIP 4wd system, and will be launched in Europe by 2015.

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