Toyota has announced that it will be holding world debuts for five concept vehicles at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Heading the list is the latest development of the Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) concept which has been given the go ahead for production debut in 2015.

FCV Concept

The FCV Concept should be the final preview of the upcoming model which promises a range of at least 500km and a refueling time of around three minutes, more or less the same as filling up with gasoline or diesel. It is expected to produce at least 136 PS and is equipped with a high-efficiency boost converter. Designed to carry four occupants, it measures at 4,870mm long x 1,810mm wide and 1,535mm high with a wheelbase of 2,780mm. The prior version of the FCV, the FCV-R recently made a stop in Manila for the World of Toyota Motor Show in August.

Toyota FV2 Concept

FV2 Concept

The FV2 (Fun Vehicle) Concept is designed around Toyota’s fun-to-drive philosophy while harnessing advanced future technologies which aim to form stronger physical and emotional connections between car and driver.

The physical connection with the driver means the car is operated by the individual who shifts his or her body intuitively to move the vehicle forward or back, left or right. It will also use ITS (intelligent transport system) technology to connect with nearby vehicles and highway infrastructure for safer mobility. With an emotional connection, the vehicle will be able to determine the driver’s mood and reflect the body color and exterior to it.

Toyota has released a smartphone app on the Apple AppStore and Google Play for users to experience the FV2 on their mobile devices.

Toyota JPN Taxi concept

JPN Taxi Concept

The JPN Taxi Concept will be powered by an LPG hybrid system which provides excellent environmental performance suited to taxi driving patterns. It was designed to meet Japanese government regulations for buses and taxis. The concept is built around Japanese-style hospitality and livening up the city streets. Large electric doors and a low, flat floor give ease of access to a maximum of five passengers. Think of it as Toyota version of the venerable London Cab.

Toyota Voxy and Noah concepts

Voxy and Noah concepts

Toyota’s seven-seat compact MPVs Voxy and Noah will be getting an update in 2014 which will be previewed by the concepts at the show.