Honda has tapped once again in hydrogen fuel cell technology after debuting the all-new Clarity Fuel Cell at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Billed by the company as their planned production model, the Clarity Fuel Cell is the direct successor of the FCX Clarity and employs the power of a gasoline engine along with the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell tech.

Measuring in at 4,895mm long, 1,875mm wide and 1,475 tall, the Clarity Fuel Cell features Honda's distinct design theme that consist of sharp lines, sleek shapes and defined angles. It has tapered headlights, sculpted hood, a well-defined side profile and an aggressive-looking rear end.

The centerpiece of the Clarity Fuel Cell is its unique powertrain that is comprised of a 3.5-liter V6, and a hydrogen fuel cell stack that provides additional electric power rated at 136 PS. The engine on the other hand puts out 177 PS, and with the use of a 70MPa-hydrogen tank, the car has a cruising range of 700km (390km previous) according to Honda. The tank can easily be refilled in 3 minutes.

The rear of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Aside from delivering a clean, alternative means of transport, the Clarity Fuel Cell can also act as a 'power plant on wheels'. When fitted with the Power Exporter 9000, it can generate and provide electricity to other devices or even communities. Honda added that this will prove useful in an event of a disaster or catastrophe.

Lease sales of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will begin by March 2016 and will mainly be sold to government bodies and business customers. Honda will also be conducting studies and collect information about the car before making it available it to the public.

It has an introductory price of JPY 7.66M (about PhP 2.97M)