Honda introduced three new concept cars at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. The Sports 4 concept is a concept sports car; The W.O.W. is a new pet friendly concept car; and the environment friendly FCX Concept which is a follow-up to its FCX fuel cell vehicle.

Sports 4 Concept

A unique sports car design where everyone in the vehicles enjoys the exhilaration of the drive.

Honda WOW

Honda W.O.W. (Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon)

The W.O.W Concept is all about helping you keep your pup at your side and have more fun together. The special features start with seats that can be transformed into a crate where you can safely leave a dog, and flexible vents that introduce streams of fresh air into the cabin. The unique low-floor platform allows for a surprisingly spacious cabin within a compact body, and the raised central part of the roof creates a walk-through for free and easy movement in the cabin. Honda's W.O.W Concept is full of great ideas to make a dog's life on the road more comfortable.

Honda FCX

FCX Concept

Already on the road and ahead of the pack, Honda's FCX fuel cell vehicle defines a new paradigm in mobility. The FCX Concept is a glimpse of the next stage of the fuel cell vehicle's evolution. This vision of the future boasts a fuel cell system that delivers more power in less space, in a unique, low-floor fuel cell platform. It's a next-generation sedan with a low center of gravity and a full-sized cabin, offering the kind of driving pleasure and roomy interior previously unimaginable in a fuel cell vehicle. The FCX Concept also features Honda's advanced intelligent technologies that reduce driver burden, and the spacious interior allows for extra-large seats to maximize comfort. These include a Speed Sensitive Adjusting Instrument Panel, Biometrics Driving Unit and Line-of-Sight Operated Switches. This premium sedan offers the ultimate in clean-running performance. The FCX Concept-enhanced mobility and a brighter, more rewarding future.