With Mitsubishi investing more on electric vehicle (EV) technologies, the company has unveiled their latest concept featuring the latest EV tech in the form of the eX crossover.

The suicide doors of the Mitsubishi eX concept

Mitsubishi's latest concept also features the company's current design language called Dynamic Shield. The compact crossover concept is fitted with the brand's trademark grill as well as sharp-looking headlights, an aggressive bumper and distinctive fog lamps. Moving to the side the concept's roofline gently slopes downwards, making for a pinched third window and rear windshield. Passengers hop in via it's suicide doors. The exterior and capped off with a pair of slim taillights, a large bumper, a roof-mounted lip spoiler and rides on large wheels.

The side profile of the Mitsubishi eX concept 

Inside, the eX concept echoes its exterior color scheme with a two-tone theme featuring yellow accents. From the cockpit, one can see the flat-bottomed steering wheel, the push button gearbox and a large central display.

Technical highlights for the eX concept include advances in connectivity and active safety technologies. For connectivity, it comes with a car-to-car, car-to-road and car-to-pedestrian communication, an augmented reality windshield, a vehicle tracking system and voice controls. Active safety technologies include Forward Collision Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, misacceleration mitigation and variety of lane keeping assist systems.

Rear quarter view of the Mitsubishi eX concept 

The concept also features semi-automated driving features such as automated lane changing, automatic obstable avoidance, automated valet parking system and cooperative adaptive cruise control.

The eX crossover concept can be charged with wireless tech and is powered by Mitsubishi's next-generation EV powertrainwhich powers all four wheels.