A new coupe may soon be available from Mazda after the company recently released a teaser image of what they call a sports car concept that shows the vehicle's sleek lines.

Scheduled to make its global reveal during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda described the concept car as of having a sense of modernism but largely maintains the brand's overall lineage and authenticity in sports car development. The company even added that the upcoming sports car concept will condense all of Mazda's history of sports cars into a single model.

Exact details about the car were not yet provided but judging from the image itself, it is a relatively long-hooded coupe that also features a rakish windscreen, a defined beltline and what appears to be a muscular rear end. Powertrain and cabin details were also not revealed as well.

Other Mazda vehicles that will be present during this year's Tokyo Motor Show include the Koeru concept, two-racing spec Mazda MX-5s and a 1967 Cosmo Sport as such. There will be a total of 14 models that will arrive at the aforementioned auto show.

Previously, we reported that the automaker was apparently busy developing a new rotary-powered sports coupe that is based off the platform of the Mazda6. Branded as an independent model from the midsize sedan, it will reportedly be a RWD coupe.

In a more recent report however, Mazda President Masamichi Kogai stated that the company still has a dedicated engineering team that is working on improving the Wankel rotary engine. However, Kogai also said that they will not introduce a new rotary engine to the market unless it will be able to comply with current emission regulations.

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show will run from October 30 up to November 8.