Nissan has released a teaser image of an upcoming concept that will be revealed at the 2015 Toyko Motor Show. Billed by Nissan as the brand's vision for an intelligent and electrified automobile, it features a sleek silhouette that is finished in blue and has a distinct character line on the side.

The front section features the automaker's V-Motion grill along with the boomerang-shaped headlights. The concept also comes with flared wheel arches and what appears to be ambient lighting for the badge and grill itself.

Exact details about the car were not revealed, but given that Nissan described it as an intelligent and all-electric concept, this could be the prelude to the next-generation Leaf.

The Nissan Piloted Drive Leaf 1.0

Nearly a few days ago, Nissan revealed the Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept, their attempt in making a self-driving all-electric car. Based on the first generation Leaf, the all-electric hatchback gets an array of intelligent hardware/software that allows the vehicle to drive by itself, overtake other cars, merge with traffic and even get on/off the highway.

According to Tetsuya Ijima, General Manager of Nissan's Advanced Driver Assist Systems Strategy and Engineering Division, the Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept has five radar sensors, twelve cameras, four laser scanners and a set of other sensors that make it possible.

In addition, he stated that autonomous driving on the highway will be offered in Japan before the end of 2016. It will not be a fully automated car as Nissan will still install a Manual Mode in order for drivers to manipulate the car should they choose to.