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Tokyo 2015 Preview: Nissan to show Teatro for Dayz concept


New Nissan concept designed for the social media generation

Nissan has previewed the Teatro for Dayz concept that is set to debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

According to the Japanese automaker, the Teatro for Dayz concept is designed for the digital generation known as “share natives.” Nissan explains that the “share natives” are the young people that uses social media. In this regard, the Teatro for Dayz is a concept that allows the “share natives” to create, play, communicate and share experiences on-line.

Design-wise, the Teatro for Dayz concept has a boxy exterior. It is fitted with Nissan's V-motion grill, sharp-looking headlights, a large bumper and a sculpted hood. Turning at the side, the concept has distinctive wheels as well as short front and rear overhangs.


The rear of the Teatro for Dayz concept comes with wraparound taillights and a rounded bumper. Nissan adds that the concept is finished off with satin white silver exteior paint.

Inside, the Teatro for Dayz concept is integrated with “a clean canvas” theme that features a “gliding wing” instrument panel, LED screens and an onboard camera. As a whole, Nissan says the entire interior of the concept is a “live display for a generation wired for connectivity.”

Nissan has yet to release the powertrain details of the Teatro for Dayz concept, but the automaker did say that it will have an electric powertrain.  

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