Toyota, one of the world's leading manufacturers in eco-mobility, will be displaying a concept car featuring the latest in hydrogen power technologies. Called the FCV Plus, it is set to debut in this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota FCV Plus Concept

The FCV Plus concept adopts a futuristic shape with a tall roofline, sharp angles on the body and a large glass area. It also features thin, fender mounted headlights along with streaks on the doors and covered rear wheels for aerodynamic efficiency. The FCV Plus concept measures in at 3800 mm long, 1750 wide and 1540 mm tall.

Notably absent inside the concept is a dashboard. Instead, the steering column stems right out of the floorboard and a head-up display replaces conventional gauges and dials.

Toyota FCV Plus Concept interior

The technical highlight in the FCV Plus is its powertrain. It is powered by four in-wheel motors and its fuel cell stack sits between the front wheels. It works in conjunction with the hydrogen tank installed behind the rear seats. This arrangement allows the FCV Plus to be more efficient with its interior packaging, freeing up space for its occupants and their belongings.

While the FCV Plus won't make production, the technologies applied to this concept will eventually make their way to Toyota models in the future.