Yamaha is, yet again, making a foray into four-wheeled territory.

It should be remembered that Yamaha, not too long ago, partnered with McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray to develop the urban concept e-vehicle Motiv, which will go into production in 2019.

Well, the company is going to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show armed with a few motorbike concepts and also a sports car concept that they’re calling simply the 4Wheeler.

Yamaha didn’t reveal much beyond the silhouette of a photo teaser but the accompanying press release states that it ‘is inspired by the motorcycles and expresses the unique style of Yamaha.’

The photo shows a sleek two-seater with a very short nose that may indicate a mid-mounted engine setup or an all-electric powertrain and a spoiler sticking out in the rear.

No further information has been released for now so you’ll have to check back in with us next week for the full scoop.