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Tokyo 2017: Le Mans-inspired Toyota GR-HV hybrid concept unveiled


Toyota combines sportiness with hybrid tech in all-new GR HV concept

Hybrid sports cars could soon be the next big thing in the automotive world and Toyota has just come up with one cool-looking concept. Called the GR HV Sports Concept, the unique two-door hybrid draws inspiration from the TS050 LMP1 Le Mans race car and comes with a unique automated-manual transmission.

Starting off with its design, the matte black concept features vertical LED headlights reminiscent of the Le Man race car's front fascia, along with a low-slung grill. Meanwhile, the muscular hood, flared wheel arches and distinct alloy wheels give off a sporty and aggressive vibe that matches with the car's design.


Inside, Toyota kept the design as minimal as possible and only fitted it with the necessary equipment. Splashes of red provide a striking contrast against the blacked-out interior and digital instrument panel. As mentioned earlier, the GR HV comes with an automated-manual gearbox. On normal mode, the hybrid sports concept runs on full automatic mode.

However, should the driver feel the need to row their own, they simply need to press the 'M' button and start playing with the six-speed gearbox.

In addition, the shifter knob itself houses the push-start button which makes for an even sportier design.

Driving the GR HV concept is a THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing) powertrain. Exact details about the car's inner workings remain a mystery though Toyota did say that its hybrid technology is based heavily off the TS050 Le Mans race car.

There is no word if this is a prelude to a production car. But given that most brands today are coming up with some sort of electrification for their cars, it's not too far off that Toyota may come up with something based off the GR HV concept.

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