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Tokyo 2017: Lexus LS+ Concept envisions a self-driving future


Lexus reveals the LS+ Concept with autonomous tech, future styling direction

Lexus is looking at a future where luxury vehicles will soon be able to drive on their own. Making its world debut at this year's Tokyo Motor Show is the LS+ Concept. Designed to preview the brand's next-gen LS and future technologies, the LS+ Concept gives a glimpse into what lies ahead for Lexus.

Beginning with its exterior, the LS+ Concept features a sleek and aggressive shape based on the brand's L-finesse design philosophy. Up front, the signature 'Spindle Grill' gets a makeover and comes with an active grill shutter that can improve engine cooling and aerodynamics. Meanwhile, sharp-looking laser-lit headlights flank the front fascia of the LS+ Concept.


With a coupe-like body, the LS+ Concept features a low and wide stance that gives the luxury saloon a sporty vibe. Instead of having traditional side mirrors, the concept gets a pair of cameras that act as the LS+'s side mirrors. Rounding it all off are the L-shaped laser-lit taillights that dominate the rear fascia.

As mentioned earlier, the LS+ Concept gets a myriad of automated driving technologies. With the concept of 'purusing a world in which all people can enjoy safe, smooth and untethered mobility', Lexus' all-new concept can drive by itself on the highway via 'Highway Teammate'.

This proprietary tech allows the LS+ Concept to drive by itself from the entrance ramp, all the way to the exit ramp of a highway. It works by recognizing and judging traffic conditions, as well as by learning information gathered from roads and surrounding areas. Other autonomous functions that are present in the LS+ Concept include lane merging, lane changing and maintaining a set distnace between another vehicle.

Beyond that, the LS+ Concept can also update its systems automatically by way of communicating with a data center. This, in turn, also allows the car to add new functions aside from the standard options already set in place.  

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