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Tokyo 2017: Mitsubishi debuts four-wheel drive e-Evolution Concept


e-Evolution Concept revealed with triple-motor 4WD system, advanced A.I.

After weeks of teasers, Mitsubishi has pulled the covers off the e-Evolution concept. Mitsubishi hails the concept as a cross between a high-performance SUV and an EV. Besides its performance aspirations, the concept features an artificial intelligence system that augments the driver’s capabilities.

The concept utilizes a triple motor 4WD system which consists of a single motor in front and a Dual Motor system to power individual rear wheels. For even more grip, it also has a Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC) system that couples two rear motors through an electronically controlled torque-vectoring AYC unit.


All of this is integrated into MMC’s unique Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamic control system. Mitsubishi adds that the concept stays true to the Evolution reputation and claim that the electric motors offers high torque and high response.

As for its artificial intelligence, not only does the car adapt to the driver, it also readjusts itself according to road conditions via a array of sensors surrounding it ofer the car.

On to its styling , the front of the car sees a short hood with three different sets of lights occupying the fascia. Slim LED daytime running lights are set high and meets the seam of the hood. The black grille is shielded under glass and behind them sits the sensors and cameras for the car's autonomous driving feature.

The blacked-out pillars give off a 'floating roof' illusion while the steep raking of the front and rear windshields show off a wind-cheating profile. Small cameras replace the traditional side mirrors, further emphasizing its streamlined look. A high window line, along with a bold, defined shoulder, round off its side profile. Moving to the rear, it gets a rakish treatment with aerodynamic aids integrated on the roof, plus a bumper diffuser.

According to Mitsubishi, it draws inspiration from the Pajero. Furthermore, the concept has Y-shaped LED tail lights and is complemented by hexagonal shapes behind the light signature.

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