Tokyo 2017: Nissan IMx concept previews Leaf-based crossover


Nissan gives a glimpse of an all-electric crossover in new IMx concept

The Nissan Leaf will soon get a taller brother. The Japanese brand's latest concept previews a new crossover based on the all-electric hatchback. Dubbed the IMx, it aims to offer high-performance, long range capabilities and semi-autonomous driving features.

Powering the IMx are a pair of electric motors, with one powering the front and the other, the rear. With uprated batteries, Nissan claims a range of 600 kilometers on a single full charge. Power meanwhile is rated at 430 PS.

As for styling, it draws inspiration from the Leaf concept from a few years back. Blue highlights are seen on the roof, as with the sides and front. Overall, its shape follows that of a crossover coupe with its sleek rear windshield treatment. This concept also packs a more advanced form of "Intelligent Mobility".

The car is capable of full autonomous driving. It has the ability to drop off its owner at a specific destination and return home even without a driver. Besides that, it has the full host of advanced safety features such as automated emergency braking and smart cruise control.

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