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Tokyo 2017: Nissan reveals Leaf Nismo electric hot hatch concept


Nismo kits out the all-new Leaf, gives it sharper styling and handling

Nissan aims to bring high-performance electric vehicles to a wider audience with their latest concept. With the help of NIsmo, the all-electric Leaf gets a significant boost in performance and handling with the Nismo Leaf.

Nissan says the retuned electronic control unit aims to give the car sharper responses in terms of acceleration. Like the standard Leaf, the Nismo concept uses an e-Pedal, which lets the driver start, accelerate, decelerate, stop and hold the car by using only the accelerator pedal.


The Leaf also gets a sportier, more aggressive look thanks to a unique front and rear bumpers, an extended rear wing, and integrated diffusers. Nissan adds that these body modifications are functional, especially for aerodynamics.

Aside from that, Nissan says that the added downforce does not sacrifice the Leaf’s drag coefficient. Adding more flair to the exterior are red and black highlights and gloss black low profile wheels.

Despite the concept tag, the Nissan Leaf Nismo is slated for production in future.

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