While they’ve long since been known as a manufacturer of bikes, that’s not to say that Yamaha will not dabble into making things with four wheels as well. As a means to tap into the mix of active and urban lifestyles of their clients, Yamaha have unveiled the Cross Hub concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Tokyo 2017: Yamaha unveils new Cross Hub Concept

The Cross Hub aims to give Yamaha’s clients a way to combine an active lifestyle along with proper urban functionality. That said, the Cross Hub Concept is very compact in size, being a two-seater offroader with a pick-up bed at the back. Its design appears to be inspired by diamonds as the front fascia prominently shows. That besides, its cockpit also draws from that theme by having a diamond-shaped cab that separates it from the bed.  


Tokyo 2017: Yamaha unveils new Cross Hub Concept

The pickup bed is sectioned from the cab through hoops that appear to be flying buttresses much like that of hypercars like the Ford GT. The bed itself can supposedly fit two bikes at the back – making hauling bikes for both occupants a convenient affair.

Would you like to see Yamaha make this into production?