The motorist who managed to video tape MMDA traffic enforcer Joel Vargas for trying to extort money from her is not completely off the hook yet after MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino stated that she can be held liable as well.

According to Tolentino, Dianne Versoza (the motorist) violated the Anti-Wiretapping Law wherein she secretly video taped her conversation with the recently dismissed MMDA traffic enforcer. Tolentino added that with the provisions under the said law, Vargas can still press charges against Versoza.

In the video, MMDA traffic enforcer Vargas was about to give Versoza a speeding ticket and added that it is going to cost her PhP 1,200.

According to Versoza, she said that she only had PhP 210, to which Vargas agreed upon and asked her to keep it hidden under her driver's license.

In the end however, she supposedly changed her mind and will instead pay the exact amount for overspeeding. She then revealed her hidden camera wherein she managed to capture the face of Joel Vargas, resulting in his termination.

Last December 2014, Tolentino announced that motorists and commuters alike should take videos of MMDA traffic enforcers that are not doing their jobs.

“I am encouraging motorists and the general public as well to use video cameras to record and document perceived illegal or unlawful activities by our employees or by anybody to help attain a disciplined society, and also for evidentiary purposes,” said Tolentino.

Source: GMA News