Toll Regulatory Board announces rates for NLEX Connector

Ever since the first 5-kilometer section of the NLEX Connector was opened to the public last March 2023, motorists were able to use the elevated expressway free of charge.

With the first segment of the NLEX Connector designed to ease traffic along España Boulevard, Abad Santos Avenue, Rizal Avenue, and Lacson Avenue, as well as provide truckers and logistic companies 24/7 access to the elevated expressway, those that need to get from Caloocan to España (and vice versa) can use the NLEX Connector.

Unfortunately for motorists, it will no longer be toll-free starting next week. This comes after the NLEX Corporation announced it has been authorized by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to collect the Fractional Opening Base Toll Rates for Section 1 of the elevated roadway.

NLEX Connector no longer toll-free on August 8 image

After a thorough review and compliance, the TRB, in accordance with the Concession Agreement, has approved the following toll rates for the NLEX Connector.

Class 1 PHP 86

Class 2 PHP 215

Class 3 PHP 302

In addition, the TRB and NLEX Corporation wishes to remind motorists that the NLEX Connector makes use of a 24/7 barrier-free electronic toll collection system for a faster and more convenient trip. Motorists are advised, however, to slow down for safety when passing the toll plaza.

With August 8 just around the corner, those that frequently use the elevated expressway will only have several days left before the NLEX Connector begins collecting toll fees.