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Tony Stark's next company car is a Hyundai Kona


Has Tony Stark swapped his Acura NSX for a Hyundai Kona?

Fictional billionaire and superhero Tony Stark has used some fine pieces of exotica in the past Iron Man movies. He had an Audi R8 and, later on, an Acura NSX. So what will Stark drive next? You might be in for quite the shock.

The next car to get Tony Stark's blessing will be a Hyundai Kona. In conjunction with the opening of Comic Con San Diego 2018, Hyundai has created the Kona Iron Man Edition. It's no supercar but at least it's got more trunk space than the R8 and NSX, right? That said, Stark might need to plan his trips in advance if he wants to reach The Avengers on time, or take the jet instead.


Back to the car, it won't be a one-off either. Hyundai will actually do a production run of the special edition Kona, albeit a limited one. Hyundai says that these cars will be made available for special order in the US. As for the rest of the world, we're out of luck as it's a US only promotion.

The Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition gets a deep, metallic red finish on the unique hood, foglight surrounds and front apron. More deep red finish can be soon on the roof, door mirror cars, side skirts and rear bumper applique. Plus, there's a 'ghost' graphic of Stark Industries on the rear doors. The LED daytime running lights have been customized to mimic Iron Man's mask. Another custom job are the wheels, which feature Iron Man center caps and are exclusive to this very limited-run model.

Other intricate details added to the crossover are engraved headlight surfaces, D-pillars with Iron Man engravings, Iron Man's helmet motif on the roof and badging on the fenders. Inside, it gets an instrument cluster which have been redesigned to show off more Iron Man logos. Plus, there are more red trim finishes and a trick heads-up display. Capping of the unique touches is the matte silver finish on the gear selector.

Hyundai is making their mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It began with Ant-Man wherein the Hyundai Veloster made significant screen time on the film. Will we be seeing more Hyundais in the Silver Screen? One thing is likely though, we won't be seeing the Hulk rolling in an Eon.

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