So we already know that the Suzuki XL7 will be sourced from Indonesia and that it's set to make its Philippine debut soon. It will offer seating for seven just like the Ertiga but will have a flashier exterior, as well as a (slightly) raised ride height.

But does this mean we'll soon be saying goodbye to the Ertiga? And just how much will it cost once it's already here?

Let's start with the first question. According to a Suzuki Philippines executive (who wished to not be named), they confirmed that the Ertiga will still be available in the country. They reiterated that the Ertiga is their MPV fighter while the XL7 is for those that want SUV-styling (and height) in a familiar MPV package.

As for the second question, they did state that it will go over PhP 1 million, but only just. We managed to get the price of the range-topping variant and it will sell for PhP 1.060 million. The lesser variants, on the other hand, may be priced between PhP 950,000 and PhP 1,000,000; give or take.

Looking at the prices of the TOTL variants of the Toyota Rush (PhP 1.1 million), Honda BR-V (PhP 1.155 million), and the Mitsubishi Xpander (PhP 1.175 million), it looks like the XL7 will undercut its closest competitors – similar to what were they able to achieve with the Ertiga.

With a supposed launch set around March, it looks like Suzuki is planning a two-pronged assault next month with the S-Presso and the XL7. Perhaps the two might be revealed simultaneously as well.