Ever wanted to take the entire extended family on a road trip? This is where vans like the Volkswagen Crafter come into play. Big, bold, and roomy, these types of people carriers can easily carry over 20 passengers with ease, and still, have enough room for everyone's luggage.

But what if you wanted a van that goes off-road? Not only does it have to carry over 20 people, but it also has to be capable over any terrain, no matter the conditions. Then what you might need is this, the Terrastorm, a go-anywhere 4x4 van based on a Volkswagen Crafter 4Motion chassis.

Torsus Terrastorm is a VW Crafter van... with 4x4 image

Made by Torsus, a Czech-based company that specializes in making off-road 4x4 buses, the all-new Terrastorm will be the company's attempt at making a people carrier that can reach places other vans will not be able to. It will come with off-road heavy-duty suspension, all-terrain tires with off-road style alloy wheels, and highly-advanced engines and drivetrains.

Other details regarding the Terrastrorm remain a mystery. But based on the pictures provided, the Terrastorm will also be equipped with a bullbar, a front-mounted power winch, a steel front bumper, a rear ladder, extra cargo storage on the roof, and a rear spare tire carrier.

Torsus Terrastorm is a VW Crafter van... with 4x4 image

“At Torsus, we are breaking new ground by designing, developing, and manufacturing the world’s toughest off-road buses. In the all-new Terrastorm, we signal our ambition to set new standards in the heavy-duty 4x4 minibus market across some of the toughest industries known to man. We built Torsus to be a trailblazer and redefine the way people think about commercial vehicles, and the Torus Terrastorm is the next step on our journey to make this reality,” said Vakhatang, Dzhukashvili, founder and CEO of Torsus.

The all-new Torsus Terrastorm will be revealed later this month and will be on sale in Q3 of 2020. Once the new 4x4 is out on the market, it can transport up to 21 passengers and will be available in various configurations.

Torsus Terrastorm is a VW Crafter van... with 4x4 image

Imagine having this kind of van at your disposal on your next off-road adventure. Not only will the trip be less boring, but you can have almost everyone from both sides of the family onboard the Terrastorm.