The reports are in, and based on our combined figures from both the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors as well as the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc., the entire industry sold 18,061 units in March 2013, a significant increase of 9.4% over the 16,364 units sold in March 2012.

March 2013 CAMPI Report

According to the CAMPI March 2013 report, the group sold a total of 15,110 units, bringing year-to-date sales up to 41,702 units; again, a significant increase over the same period YTD in 2012 at 32,240.

Leading CAMPI's sales charts is Toyota with 6,372 units, followed by Mitsubishi at 3,612 units, a resurgent Honda at 1,334 units and Ford at 1,000 units.

For growth versus March 2012, UMC (Nissan) experienced an 88.9% growth (524 units in March 2013 versus 305 units in March 2012), Ford grew sales by 60.5% (1000 units in March 2013 versus 623 units in March 2012) while NMPI (Nissan) grew by 23.7% (172 units in March 2013 versus 139 units in March 2012).


March 2013 AVID Report

AVID, on the other hand, sold a total of 3,027 units in March 2013, for an aggregate growth of 8%. AVID experienced a minor -2% dip in Passenger Car (PC) sales, but had a growth of 23% in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) segment.

Leading the way for AVID is Hyundai with a total of 2,327 units sold, followed by TCCCI (Chevrolet) with 295 units and MotorImage (Subaru) with 236 units.

March 2012 Discrepancies

Now here's the tricky part, as the original March 2012 sales report sent to us in April 2012 do not match the March 2012 reference figures (for growth, etc.) in the March 2013 sales report.

In the original AVID March 2012 sales report, the group sold 2,791 units, while in the current report for March 2013, they sold 2,792 units in March 2012, as PGA Cars seems to have added an extra unit.

In the original CAMPI March 2012 sales report from last year, the group sold 13,631 units, while the current report states they sold 13,522 units last year; a 109 unit discrepancy.

Unusually, CATS Motors just reported for the Mercedes-Benz brand at 35 units, and no longer includes Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge in the figures. Also, there is a 30 unit discrepancy between Toyota's original 5,390 sales in March last year compared to the revised figure of 5,360. Ford's total has had a big change, as they no longer appear to reflect Mazda sales (just assuming) from last year, so their original report of 732 units dropped down to 623 units.

Also, CAMPI seems to have added an 'Others (multiple brands)' category that registered 53 units in March of last year. We have yet to clarify as to what brands they are.