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Toyota 'Land Speed Cruiser' bags world's fastest SUV title


2000 horsepower Land Cruiser hits 370 km/h in its record run

When people think of the Toyota Land Cruiser, more often than not it would be associated as Toyota's SUV name known for practicality, reliability, and more popularly, for its off-road capabilities. Throughout the world, Land Cruisers are used to forge through the difficult terrain whether it be in the deserts or the arctic. It was never intended to be a speed machine, but the guys over at Toyota thought otherwise.

Originally unveiled at SEMA 2016 last year, the “Land Speed Cruiser” started out in life as a standard 2016 Land Cruiser. It then got sent over to Toyota's Motorsports Technical Center where it underwent heavy modifications to get it going fast.


Powering the Land Cruiser is the standard production 5.7-liter 3UR-FE V8 except with two “volleyball sized” Garrett turbochargers mounted on each side. To cope with the extreme 55 PSI of boost, the engine's internals have been upgraded. Turn up the boost and the Land Cruiser produces 2000 all-wheel horsepower.

To match the powerful engine, the interior has been semi-stripped, and fitted with racing bucket and a roll cage. It now rides on bigger wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and has been lowered in order to be stable at high speed, giving it a sleeker look.

Modifying the Land Cruiser for top speed runs is one thing, driving it is another challenge. To get the most out of the 2000 PS Land Cruiser, Toyota enlisted the help of retired Nascar driver Carl Edwards. After a few practice runs, Edwards was able to get the SUV to hit the record 370 km/h. The new record set by the Land Cruiser beats the previous record of 340 km/h. 

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