It seems that self-driving cars will be the next big thing in the automotive industry as various manufacturers are developing their respective autonomous driving technology.

In this regard, Toyota has been testing a new automated driving tech called 'Highway Teammate,' with the aim of rolling-out its self-driving cars by 2020.

Toyota's Highway Teammate autonomous driving technology

Using a modified Lexus GS, Toyota's 'Highway Teammate' automated driving tech has been tested on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway. Toyota says the modified Lexus GS performed a variety of automated functions; including merging onto or exiting highways as well as maintaining and changing lanes.

Toyota adds that the 'Highway Teammate' features an on-board technology that evaluates traffic conditions. It also uses a number of external sensors to recognize nearby vehicles and hazards. Based on the gathered data, the 'Highway Teammate' automatically operates the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes.