With manufacturers each competing to have the first fully developed automated driving system, Toyota Motor Corporation recently announced a business alliance with Albert Inc. in order further accelerate development of such systems. More specifically, Toyota will be investing around 400 million yen into Albert and will be accquiring new shares in the company. The two will have a data analysis collaboration in order to further advance the development of automated driving.

Toyota, Albert partnership to boost development of automated driving

“We believe that AI technologies are indispensable for achieeing our vision of 'safe and smooth mobility for all people.' To bring out the full performance of AI technologie, it is necessary to skillfully manage large volumes of data. I look forward to this business alliance accelerating Toyota's development of automated driving technologies,” said Ken Koibuchi, Executive General Manager in charge of automated driving development at Toyota's R&D and engineering company.

Through their recent partnership, Toyota believes it will be able to strengthen more elements in the company's development of AI technology. That said, the Japanese manufacturer is also expected to achieve greater reaches in the development of their automated driving technology.

Toyota has continually been promoting the development of their automated driving technologies. As early as 2016, the manufacturer established the advanced research company, Toyota Research Institute, in the United States. Furthermore, they also established the Toyota Research Institute-Advaned Development (TRI-AD) in Tokyo. All the while, they have also advanced their technology development centered on AI.

Albert Inc. is a group of data scientists who specialize in the domain of big data analysis. They have been continuously providing solutions to companies since 2005. In more recent years, they have been actively expanding in the development of imagery analysis in the development of automated driving technologies.