Before, everyone thought Volvos were the safest cars on the road, but technology and engineering have come a long way for a lot of other car manufacturers that are putting great efforts into making safer cars.

Toyota is one of them, and recently they just released the results of the latest crash tests from JNCAP, or the Japan New Car Assessment Program. In particular, the Alphard/Vellfire and RAV4 (both of which are sold in the Philippines) along with the new Raize crossover were recently awarded high marks by JNCAP.

Though the Alphard/Vellfire may be the oldest out of the bunch, it still achieved ASV+++ in preventive safety performance, the highest rank given by JNCAP. In fact, the popular luxury van even received the Grand Prix Award in preventive safety performance by gaining the highest score in the assessment for two years in a row.

Toyota Alphard, RAV4, Raize crossover score high in crash test image

As for the crossovers, the RAV4 was also awarded ASV+++ in preventive safety performance and recorded five stars in the collision safety performance at the same time. The Raize may be one of the smaller crossovers in Toyota’s lineup, but it still managed to receive a maximum of five stars in collision safety performance.

Unlike other New Car Assessment Programs, JNCAP revises its testing method and assessment standards every year. In particular, the program now takes into account the actual traffic accidents that have occurred in Japan. For 2019, JNCAP added an “autonomous emergency braking system for pedestrians at night without lighting” into its list of evaluation items due to the frequency of similar accidents occurring on the road. Both the Alphard/Vellfire and RAV4 equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) managed to pass with high marks.

Toyota Alphard, RAV4, Raize crossover score high in crash test image

So if you happen to be driving around in an Alphard or RAV4 locally, you rest easy knowing that your vehicle is very safe in the event of an accident. With the Alphard now equipped with TSS as well, it further reduces the possibility of you getting into an accident in the first place. Now, if only the RAV4 got TSS as well.