While the Philippine government is starting to relax on quarantine measures in various parts of the country, the fear of catching the virus from an asymptomatic carrier still lingers. In fact, that fear will continue to be in the back of people’s minds until a vaccine against COVID-19 is created.

In order to give vehicle owners peace of mind, Toyota Motor Philippines and Lexus Philippines will be disinfecting all customers cars that come in for service once dealerships re-open.

Toyota and Lexus PH to disinfect customer cars for free image

The disinfecting and sanitizing service will be done after all other repairs and maintenance work is completed. Dealerships will be using the Bactaklenz fogger machine, similar to that of Bac-to-zero. Bactaklenz is said to help eliminate all harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi inside the vehicle. As a result, any possible remnants of COVID-19 will be killed. Owners will then have no worries when picking up their vehicle after servicing.

For those wondering, the additional disinfecting and sanitization service involving Bactaklenz treatment is free for all incoming Toyota and Lexus customers coming in for service at official dealerships. As a result, don’t expect to find an additional fee to be added when you do bring in your precious Toyota vehicle for service or maintenance.

More importantly, it will also be free of charge for those that avail of either periodic maintenance, general service, or body and paint works. The promo duration for Toyota’s free service will be from May 11 until June 16, 2020.