Even as Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) begins a new company with several automakers and leading financial and petroleum companies to accelerate hydrogen infrastructure in Japan, it has not abandoned research of more advanced batteries for electrified vehicles.

Toyota and Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) have just agreed to start a feasibility study on a joint automotive prismatic battery business, which will address issues like global warming, air pollution, the depletion of natural resources and energy security.

This agreement will also seek solutions to the growing demand for electrified vehicles and the issue of range anxiety.

The prismatic battery design provides key advantages which include a slimmer profile, reduced weight and easier layering for better design flexibility. It is the same design used by batteries in mobile devices.

Advancement of batteries is essential to Toyota’s development of environmentally friendly vehicles including hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles.

With years of experience in the automotive battery business, Panasonic has become one of the leading automotive lithium-ion battery providers to many automakers around the world.

This new agreement allows both companies to use accumulated knowledge in their respective industries to advance electrified vehicle technology.