Toyota Motor Philippines, the country's dominant market leader in the automotive industry, reiterates its commitment to offer vehicles that provide driving comfort, safety and best value for money.

As Filipinos find themselves in a currently challenging economic situation, Toyota responds by providing customers with the Vios model which proudly boasts of a high level of fuel efficiency.

United laboratories Inc. (UNILAB) has recently tapped Toyota to provide the Company over 300 units of Toyota Vios as primary service vehicle for their Medical representatives, Sales and Distribution personnel. UNILAB is the country's leading Pharmaceutical and healthcare Company which manufactures and markets some 350 prescription medicines, over-the-counter and personal care products.

Mr. Armando R. Bajacan, Corporate Assistant Vice President for Materials Management of UNILAB, has this to say about the fuel efficiency of Vios, "As the Procurement Head of the country's top pharmaceutical company, I am responsible for ensuring that the products we purchase are at par with our standards-nothing but the best. After rigorous evaluation, we chose Toyota VVT-I because it made a lot of business sense to do so. Specifically, it represents optimum value-for-money based on our stringent criteria on fuel efficiency, handling performance, durability, maintenance cost and importantly, resale value."

With the continued high cost of oil products and other commodities, Unilab had to make sure that they acquire vehicles which provide the best mileage under normal driving conditions. In the company's internal and independent fuel consumption test, the Vios registered 18 kilometers to a liter.

UniLab's sales representatives travel all over the city during heavy traffic hours. Thus, the company has to make sure that their cars travel economically. After conducting their own studies, Unilab discovered that Toyota's VVT-I engine technology of the Toyota Vios gets a mileage of up to 18 Kilometers per liter. "With the savings generated on gas, we now have more budget to fund other important needs," Bajacan added.

"The VVT-I engine technology is indeed one of Toyota's powerful tools in increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions but the car and its engine are just tools. Ultimately, a lot depends on the driving habits and proper vehicle maintenance. Most drivers do not know that important things like aggressive driving, engine idling, and tire pressure affect fuel consumption. Toyota is determined to reeducate the public about simple techniques on how to get better mileage from their cars," expressed Danny Isla, Toyota Motor Philippines First Vice President for Marketing.

Aside from its fuel-efficiency, the cost of owning a Toyota is generally lower by 20% on parts and service maintenance. In the long run, its high resale value defines its quality, reliability and durability even after years of usage.

The 2005 Vios has been awarded as the most fuel efficient car with registered consumption of 22 kilometers per liter in the 2006 Department of Energy (DOE) fuel economy run. By popular public poll, it was voted the 2007 C! Magazine and BPI consumer's choice award and best subcompact sedan in the 2007 Autofocus People's choice awards.

The Toyota Vios is the country's best-selling passenger car since its introduction in 2003.