Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) announces that it will conduct a Special Service Campaign to address the problem concerning the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) program in certain Prado vehicles.

For Prado with 18-inch wheels and equipped with the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS*) and VSC, the activation of the VSC may not be sufficient in certain circumstances due to the setting of the VSC program.

In circumstances in which advanced driving skills are required, such as when a driver of the involved vehicle sharply turns the steering wheel in high-speed conditions, or when the driver negotiates a curve at excessive speeds, the vehicle could slide sideways.

Toyota will update the VSC program to enhance the effectiveness of the VSC so that the risk of the vehicle sliding, even to the point that it is almost sideways, will be reduced.

Toyota places high priority on the quality of its vehicles and is constantly monitoring the performance of its vehicles through a variety of quality programs. As customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, Toyota has decided to conduct the special service campaign for concerned Prado models. No other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are affected by this recall in the Philippines.

TMP has started contacting its Prado customers and will perform home service repair at no cost to the customers. Customers may also contact TMP customer assistance hotline at telephone number 819 2912, or any authorized Toyota Dealer nationwide.