Toyota and Asahi Glass have recently collaborated to develop a new kind of glass structure. Called 'Ceiling-mounted Double Skin System', the glass is specifically designed to 'enhance energy savings of buildings', such as showroom floors. It is capable of being opened or closed in a such a way that cool air is let in through the 'skin' without needing to fully open the glass pane, which by doing so also lets in dirt and other particles in.

Going into detail, Toyota and Asahi's Double Skin System glass works by using two glass layers and a cavity in between them. Heat is absorbed by the cavity which is later dispersed by air flow coming from the outside. This leaves the cool air to enter, boosting the efficiency of air conditioning.

Toyota, Asahi Glass to develop energy-saving glass

The new kind of glass is eyed for application in vehicle showrooms and modern office buildings which use large glass surfaces. The glass is expected to lower energy consumption as it would reduce the load of air conditioning during hot summer days. Unlike blinds and curtains, the glass does not obscure vision nor does it reduce visibility.

Apart from helping cool the air, the new glass uses Coolverre, which is developed by Asahi Glass and usually found on automobiles, to block out IR rays; negating the use of window films. It also features a new thin sheet glass to reduce weight and lower costs.

Toyota hopes to improve its environmental foot print with this new Ceiling-mounted Double Skin System. Expect sales of the new product to begin in 2018.