Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC’s) innovation knows no bounds and the automaker’s efforts in reducing CO2 emissions starts not only under the hood of every vehicle they sell, but also along the production line.

The latest technology developed by TMC has been implemented in the new paint production line of the Prius and it has received recognition for its significant reduction in the size of the paint line along with the decrease in the its CO2 emissions.

Found in the Tsutsumi Plant, the equipment used by the paint line has been cut by 40% and its emissions dropped by 32% while still maintaining high quality levels.

Toyota awarded for environmentally-friendly Prius paint process

This was made possible by production technology that allowed for the reduction of process length, equipment height and size of associated equipment.

Space under the paint booth has also been cutback to create a narrower air supply room and processes like automation, robot processing, transfer pitch and many others were optimized to increase productivity.

For now, this paint production technology is being used for the production of the Prius but deployment to other plants in Japan and overseas are already in the works.

The Okochi Memorial Prize includes the Okochi Memorial Grand Production Prize, Okochi Memorial Production Prize and Okochi Memorial Technology Prize and these all acknowledge the remarkable achievements of TMC related to research and development, and the application of production engineering, production technology and production systems annually.

It is the first time in 16 years that TMC has received the award and the automaker’s 11th all-time.