Last March 2012, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) celebrated the line-off of its 500 thousandth production unit in the country. In line with this milestone event, TMP launched the search for the earliest locally manufactured vehicle in its “Classic Toyota Hunt” that lasted until April. This contest was able to bring in hundreds of entries of various Toyota cars that were still in good running condition with an unmodified engine and chassis. Most of which were produced in the year 1989 when TMP started its production of locally manufactured vehicles.

After searching the entire nation, Mr. Anthony Cheng Liong and his 1989 Toyota Crown emerged as the winner. In a statement Mr. Cheng Liong expressed “For me, my1989Toyota Crown is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle…The quality of the engine of my 23 year old vehicle is still good and tough. As for the parts even though the car is already past two decades old, it is affordable and still widely available in the market.” The car’s longevity is a testament to Toyota Motor Philippines commitment to manufacturing vehicles with outstanding quality. Because of this, a brand new Toyota Innova was awarded to Mr. Cheng Liong as his prize.

For over 23 years in the country, Toyota has been driven to serve its customers with vehicles of unmatched quality, reliability and value. All of its vehicles undergo a rigorous production process in Toyota’s world-class manufacturing production plant in the Philippines. “We are fuelled by our customer’s continuous patronage in owning a Toyota vehicle because of their trust in the brand. This only inspires us more to continuously provide them with excellent customer service and unmatched product quality,” TMP president Michinobu Sugata expressed. Furthermore, Toyota’s passion to serve is embodied by the Toyota Sure Advantage that assures that every Toyota owner can be certain that his car will last for years to come.