As part of its 20th year anniversary, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP), announced its first ever digital art contest, Art Edge, in May of 2008. With the theme, Driving Tomorrow- 20 years of Toyota in the Philippines, over 500 entries were submitted until the contest deadline of June 15, 2008.

Toyota's objective in establishing Art Edge is to celebrate its 20th anniversary with capable Filipino artists by acknowledging their potentials and opening a wider ground for creativity. Participants had a freehand in interpreting the theme so they could generate original and innovative designs.

The judging panel included some of the country's reputable photographers, multimedia directors, academe figures, professional graphic designers, and representatives from Toyota and its advertising agency. To name a few, TopGear's Senior Art Director, Mr. Jaykee Evangelista, Pandy Aviado, and iAcademy's CEO, Mr. Ruel Virtucio, were part of the line up.

Many of the work submitted were reflective of their artist's admirable skills but the judges had to pick the entries closest to the visual adaptation of how Toyota has been a part of people's lives for the past 20 years. Before an artwork was deemed deserving of the award, the judges gauged the pool of entries with the following criteria: 15% for originality, 30% for visual impact and appeal, 40% for relevance to the theme, and 15% for technical and content composition.

On September 18, 2008, Toyota awarded the twenty three finalists of the competition at the Makati Shangri-la hotel, to acknowledge the contribution of their talent.

First placer, Mr. Gilbert Semillano from Laguna, received P200,000 while second placer Mr. Kristofferson Paunil from Cebu, P150,000, and third placer Mr. Mark Angelo Argarin from Valenzuela, P100,000. The twenty other each finalists took P25,000 home.

The competition, Art Edge, stands for Toyota's dedication to continuous advancement that goes beyond its products. The company understands that the progressive technology has to be balanced with the development of the other aspects of life, society, and the environment. This is Toyota's way of driving tomorrow towards a better and brighter future for all.